The company Bull has 30 years in Germany and boasts a huge range of products that is really all budgets and demand. The high-quality articles of the company are still made by hand and the consistent quality equal worldwide!

The company places great value on the input of musicians and made explicitly for their needs. Again and again, suggestions and requests are taken up by musicians to develop new products. Here are devoted to so-called niche products.

Even if you have any suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to tell us this - we will continue to communicate this very much accordingly. Only then created such unique products.

To stay competitive, BULL dispensed for decades on glossy brochures and other expensive marketing tool. Their growth serves as a reputation for the company to continuous product quality and years of reliable cooperation with retailers.

The company produces very successfully for many leading companies in their logos.

Consumer Information: What you should know regardless of the excellent processing and extremely reasonable prices on leather products BULL:

All leather goods from BULL come from European production and are guaranteed to PCB and EEC - free.

All leather goods are dyed with water-soluble dyes.

It is only processed leather, which has played a role in meat production. (So much for constantly renewable and sustainable!)

Submission to ISO 9001-2000 (provision of uniform products)